A small bird of glass that puts ink.



Original stationery and hand-written tools from Kyoto

TAG STATIONY is a stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturer born in Kyoto. We are a manufacturer derived from stationery stores, and we would like to look at the relationship between traditional culture and modern stationery based on the viewpoints we have developed as stationery professionals and the technologies that are transmitted to the ancient capital. [TAG] I express the feeling that I want to be close to the day-to-day management as a mark, such as a tag and a sticky note.

Free to make your own colors.

Hue 6COLORS Mix Ink Set


a pen set that enjoys an ink

Natural trees + special G Pen + Penrest

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HARIO/Triangle Flaxco 10ML

a chemical glass that is accusted to interior

RIKEN is a chemical product produced by a fireproof glass maker.I began to treat a small triangular flask.We also set up silicon caps so that we can easily use ink to use them.


Gifts / gift rapping

It is a gift of wrapping in a bunko paper.

In the neighborhood of Kyoto Gojo, the original paperwork paper was created in the old days of the Taisho period, such as the paperwork paper, paper, paper, and the O-dose function, which were used in the old days.


Yawarabana Mannenshitsu: gentele fountainpen

a pen that lean against each time you use

It is a soft, soft, fountain pen, which is made of natural leather, wrapped in a body of brass.The weight of brass and the natural leather thickness and smooth texture and smooth texture are well accusting to the hand, and each one of the material changes every time it is used as it changes in the year.



reuse of paper in excess of judgment

Kamide is an unnecessary paper cut down at the production stage of a package or a printed matter.Our writing paper products are being manufactured by reusing and reusing the non-bare paper.


A person who uses it.

Man/Fuki Glass Industry-Glass Studio Calore

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recommend item / Recommended


"Ink Collection" is a product that enjoys the depth of color through paper chromatography experiments. Collected butterflies are your own ink butterflies. Let's experiment according to the method of ink collection (instruction manual).

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Glass pen set to enjoy ink
Glass pen set to enjoy ink

A simple and easy-to-write glass pen made of glass for physicochemistry. Physical and chemical glass is very hard, strong, highly transparent, and has excellent light weight and heat resistance.

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Kyoto Celluloid Fountain Pen
Kyoto Celluloid Fountain Pen

The body of the celluloid which was carefully scraped out by the hand of the craftsman one by one. Calm color development and smooth touch are unique to celluloids.

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